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Nowadays, high quality office and commercial space decide more than ever about business success. At the Hallbergmoos location tenants find representative building complexes with character – among them a prize winning property by the star architect Fumihiko Maki. The modern design of the property opens up the highest possible measure of flexibility inside for every tenant. Inviting atria, individual spaces and layout options, as well as modern offices. Here you can create working worlds that are just as unique as your company itself.

Airport Business Centre

The Airport Business Centre is a very modern office and conference centre in the direct vicinity of Munich airport and in the direct commuter belt of the economic region of Munich.
The building complex combines all high quality constructional elements and technical facilities that are necessary for efficiently and cost-effectively doing business, communicating, holding conferences and providing the corresponding gastronomy.
The Airport Business Centre is composed of three buildings that are grouped on an area approximately as large as ten soccer pitches (74,711 sqm): office buildings, canteen/conference centre and car park.
The multifunctional office tract impresses with its unique innovative architecture and careful and tasteful design details. The extensive services make it possible for you to focus on your core business.
With the most up-to-date technological equipment, the office spaces fulfil all modern requirements with respect to ergonomics and communication possibilities and with this also offer optimal working conditions. The building has a cellar and all offices in the ABC are equipped with cavity floors. The offices are equipped with an individually controllable heating and cooling ceiling system that operates extremely cost-efficiently with groundwater and heat pumps and at the same time is environmentally friendly, while still at the same time allowing the opening of windows.
For the lighting in the rooms its own energy saving lighting system was developed that for the first time facilitates glare-free work on monitors. The ABC has its own emergency power supply. The connection to the fiberglass networking guarantees high performance workspaces.

Special features

  • Company canteen
  • Cafeteria with a shop
  • ABC Lounge
  • Conference centre with catering and media equipment as required
  • Shuttlebus service to the S-Bahn train free-of-charge
  • Disposal and cleaning services
  • Reception for goods and post
  • Document destruction
  • Emergency power supply system
  • Optimized telecommunications
  • Connection to UPS possible
  • Bank (Degussa Bank) with ATM/Cash machine
  • Textile Cleaning Service Horn (Cleaners, Washing service)
  • Removal service
  • Janitor service
  • Security in the building
  • Showers
  • Telephone numbers possible with a Munich dialling code (089)
  • Freight lift 2,5 tonnes


Christin Piotter
Senior Manager

Tel.: +49 811 80 - 1141
Fax: +49 811 80 - 1300

Am Söldnermoos 17
85399 Hallbergmoos

Tel: +49 811 80 0

Parking spacesParking 745 underground, 120 outside
ENERGIE CERTIFICATE Airport Business Centre


The building that was erected in 2003 offers the most modern comfort at all levels. The glass front fills the office rooms with daylight and ensures a pleasant working atmosphere. The office building is situated in an easily accessible location close to Munich's Franz-Josef Strauß airport and is connected to the motorway A92 to Munich.

The Hallbergmoos S-Bahn train station (S 8) is easily reachable with the bus and offers a direct connection to Munich's public transport system.
The immediate surroundings of the building are characterized by a good infrastructure. In close vicinity there are shopping facilities, schools, kindergartens, nurseries, gastronomy and leisure facilities.
Well-known companies like SAP, Cisco Systems and Cirrus Airline are located in the direct neighbourhood of the property. In addition a Mövenpick Group Hotel is very close by.

The municipality of Hallbergmoos has a 320 point local trade tax rate, which is much lower than that of the surrounding towns and municipalities, like for example Munich with 490 points, Freising with 380 points and Garching with 350 points.


  • representative entrance foyers
  • protected inner courtyard with sitting and relaxation areas
  • continuous raised floors with flexible in-floor tanks for modern IT infrastructure
  • high quality carpeting
  • metal grid ceilings with lighting according to workplace regulations
  • Sanitary facilities with granite floors and marble tiling
  • Kitchenettes
  • Office space with controlled ingoing and outgoing ventilation system with dual air change per hour
  • Individual cooling of the office rooms controllable with a remote control (in the summer)
  • External sun protection, controllable room by room
  • Access control via card reader
  • Passenger lifts
  • House-own underground garage
  • Delivery zone for vehicles up to a max. of 7.5 tonnes


Johannes von Fürstenberg
Munich Office
Hanauer Straße 1
80992 Munich

Tel.: +49 89 8 18 88 01 - 41
Fax: +49 89 8 18 88 01 - 69

Total rental area8265 m²
Parking spaces132 underground, 55 outside
AvailableFully rented


Part of the modern MUNICH AIRPORT BUSINESS PARK, the name "LEONARDO" itself does not coincidentally conjure up associations to the genius Leonardo da Vinci. With this the affinity to technology, architecture and aviation is established.

At just the first glance it is recognizable that "LEONARDO" sets optical standards with architecture and high-quality front design. The architecture is made up of three cross-shaped building parts that are each accessible through their own entrance area. The natural stone facade is divided up by the aluminium constructions of the windows and doors, the cladding and panels. The building entrances have glazed porch rooves. The grounds are very green and planted with native trees and shrubs.

The equipping of the offices: office rooms and hallways can be equipped with high-quality carpeting of design flooring. In the light office floors there are the suspended ceilings in which lighting fixtures are integrated. A modern floor duct system, in which the tenants can place computer cables without problems and low voltage power is also available. The high-class impression is also shaped by the light natural stone floors in the entrance area and stairwells. The external sun protection shutters positively influence the room climate.

"LEONARDO", built in 1994, has a total of 16,322 sqm office space. On the top floor there are also 1,504 sqm of special use space (e.g. conference rooms, show rooms) and in the basement an additional 1.000 sqm storage space. The underground garage with its heatable access ramp has a total of 155 single parking spaces. A further 170 parking spaces are outside.

The possibilities in "LEONARDO" are manifold: flexibly adaptable to the individual requirements of a high-quality use that fulfils many requirements. A window grid of 1.80m creates a good basis for efficient room sizes, i.e. optimally efficient rooms result from this (2 grid offices with 19.3 sqm or 25.7 sqm; 3 grid offices with 28.9 sqm or 38.6 sqm; 4 grid offices with 38.5 sqm or 51.5 sqm.  With this, this grid is suitable for modern planned office design with single, group and combi offices.


Imcon Immobilien
Consulting GmbH
Rosental 6
80331 Munich

Tel.: +49 89 24 21 59 60
Fax: +49 89 24 21 59 66

Total rental area13,322 m²
Grid dimensionindividual
Room depthindividual
Parking spaces95 underground, 87 outside
Availableapprox. 5.911 m²


From the main access road to Munich Airport Business Park you get a first glance of the Lindbergh Center. The office complex lives up to its namesake Charles Lindbergh and with its perfect connection to the airport is the location for your local and global business.

Entrepreneurs, pioneers and trail blazers can freely develop their business ideas on 4 floors here. The almost 2,500 m² (divisible from 100 m² onwards) of office, production and storage space are flexibly adaptable to your needs. In addition 1500 m² are available for gastronomy, trade and shops in a well-frequented location – your good chance to take off at a location with long sight.

Generous window fronts ensure optimal light conditions and natural lighting in all rooms. The highlight is the panorama view of the Alps skyline of the high-tech location Bavaria.



  • Representative office building with modern attractive architecture
  • Flexible and self-contained offices/ rental units from approx. 100 m²
  • Division of the rental space according to your individual wishes
  • Visible and representative company presentation in and on the office building
  • Light-filled rooms
  • 2 passenger lifts
  • 2 staircases
  • Convenient storage space in-house


Accredo AG
Breslauer Straße 2 b
85386 Eching

Tel.: +49 89 318 88 59 – 0
Fax: +49 89 318 88 59 – 25

Total rental area3,664.50 m²
Parking spaces50 underground, 62 outside
Availableapprox. 1,300 m²


The building has an attractive facade, whereby the generous window front ensures very good natural lighting in the rooms. The light natural stone floor in the entrance foyer and in the stairwells makes a high-class impression. Due to the individually designable floorplan layouts different room types are possible with efficient uses.  The grid dimension is 1.35 m. The completely green grounds and the inner court offer additional room for relaxation.

Further details

  • Modernly designed offices
  • Division of the rental space according to your individual wishes
  • Flexible office units from approx. 200 m²
  • Visible and representative representation of your company in and on the office building
  • External sun protection
  • Car parking spaces outside and in the underground garage
  • Convenient storage space in-house with direct connection to the office rooms
  • Inclusion in an intact rental community
  • Excellent location conditions at the heart of the Munich Airport Business Parks
  • Good connection to public transport
  • Diverse gastronomical facilities and canteens in the direct vicinity


Leonhard Otscheret
Pegasus Vermögensverwaltung GmbH
Tengstraße 27
80798 Munich

Tel.: +49 89 287 00 89 – 0
Fax: +49 89 287 00 89 – 99

Total rental area9,500 m²
Grid dimensionindividual
Room depthindividual
Ceiling height55 underground, 157 outside
Parking spacesapprox. 2000 m²


SKYGATE is situated in the centre of the Munich Airport Business Park. Transparent and full of light the "Gate to the Heavens" opens up totally new perspectives. The view is impressive across the glass rooves that arch over both of the representative entrance halls and enable a look directly into the sky. The rest of the building is no less impressive than the atria. The principle >>light and full of air << runs through the whole building.  The generous glass fronts of the office rooms open up a view into the attractive grounds. From the roof terraces starting and landing aeroplanes can even be watched.

Equipping and special features

  • Cavity Floors
  • Individual layout according to tenant wishes
  • All usual room types and office forms are possible
  • Flexibly divisible tenant units from approx. 480 m²
  • Representative entrances and facades
  • External sun protection
  • High quality flooring according to tenants wishes
  • Full or semi-air-conditioning/cooling possible
  • 4 glass passenger lifts
  • 2 freight lifts
  • Archive space in the basement
  • Visible and representative company representation in and on the office building
  • Convenient storage space in-house with direct connection to the office rooms
  • Inclusion in an intact tenant community
  • Good connection to the public transport
  • Diverse gastronomical facilities and canteens in the direct vicinity


Thomas Sterk
Rock Capital Group

Bavariafilmplatz 7
82031 Grünwald

Tel.: +49 89 63 89 55-185
Fax: +49 89 63 89 55-199

Total rental area38,500 m²
Grid dimension1.35 m
Room depth13.50 m
Parking spaces775 underground, 127 outside
Availableapprox. 21,387 m²


The modern timelessly designed office space has an excellent infrastructure and was designed according to space efficiency criteria. The building is made up of a basement, four upper floors - three full storeys and a top floor - as well as an adjoining canteen building.
The building complex is divided up into four office wings with a transverse connecting building. The canteen has a separate main and delivery entrance. Each building section has its own core area with a stairwell, lift, toilet facilities, technical and utility rooms as well as vertically running shafts.

The main entrance to the administrative building and the canteen is via the Zeppelinstrasse, from which the underground parking garage can be reached via a ramp. The west entrance also with parking spaces outside is on the Ludwigstrasse.

The main floor space of the offices is divided up by moveable assembly partition walls. The partition walls can be placed in every window grid. With this an individually flexible room division is possible within the space.

Special features:

  • Company restaurant in-house
  • Representative entrance area
  • Multi-tenant structure with diversified mix of industries
    From Software / Design / Logistics / Lawyers
  • Moderate rent level
  • Light filled rooms
  • Underground garage: 195 parking spaces
  • Outside parking spaces: 64
  • Outside parking space for a further 69 parking spaces currently being built
  • Lifts: four passenger lifts as well as one freight lift
  • Facade metal glass construction in combination wth a mounted brick facade
  • Existing CAT 5 cabling via floor tanks, can be taken over if needed
  • Electrical external sun protection
  • Semi-air conditioning possible



Cushman & Wakefield LLP
Office Agency Munich

Sternstraße 5
80538 Munich

Tel.: +49 89 2421433 - 0
Fax: +49 89 2421433 - 10

Total rental area14,386 m²
Available1,454 m²

Terminal H



TERMINAL H, situated in the Munich Airport Business Park, is composed of eight free-standing buildings, created by the award-winning Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki. The office complex is characterized by ingenious practicality, transparency and a high degree of functionality and unfolds its effect from the exterior with a combination of glass, aluminium and granite in grey an silver tones.

Inside there are light rooms and a breath-taking view. The buildings are embedded in a park landscape with trees, sitting stones and points of light.

The underground garage with over 1,000 parking spaces is easily accessible via the wide access roads and prevents an interruption of the harmonious design concept.

Customers and business partners can reach the Munich Airport Business Park quickly and without complication. There is a good connection to the Munich Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport as well as to the motorway A92 Munich. The S-Bahn train station in Hallbergmoos (S8) is easily reachable.



  • High quality aluminium-glass-granite facade
  • Representative Entrance Area
  • External sun protection
  • Large underground garage
  • Passenger lifts
  • Flexible room divisions possible according to tenants' wishes
  • Raised floors/cavity floors
  • Cooling ceilings in all south, east and west looking building parts
  • 1,000 underground car parking spaces
  • Public transport stop directly in front of the property



Regional manager South/East
CORESTATE Capital Advisors GmbH
Moorfuhrtweg 17
D-22301 Hamburg, Germany

D +49 40 37645-200
F  +49 40 37645-280
M +49 17610033545


Total rental area33,411 m²

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